Sarah has written for journalism magazines like Ethos and The Siren, as well as published on folklore foodways in The Encyclopedia of Ethnic American Food Today and the American Folklore Society's Digest Journal. She has also published in Placing Pierre Daura, an exhibition catalog at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art. Her publications include:



"Transitions: A Portrait of Nineteenth Century Theatre in 1820s London" | The Lyon Archive
"Art+Feminism" | Boshemia Magazine, Vol. 2


"A Brush with Fame: Lyon's Celebrity Circle" | The Lyon Archive


"Cote d'Ivoire" | Ethnic American Food Today: A Cultural Encyclopedia


"The San Diego Burrito: Authenticity, Place, and Cultural Interchange" | Digest: A foodways journal
"Finding Home: From Barcelona to Rockbridge Baths" | Placing Pierre Daura Exhibition Catalog
"Say Yes to the Body" | The Siren
"Feminism by Curation: An Interview with Jessi DiTillio" | The Siren


"Deathly Departed" | Ethos Magazine
"Feline Familiarity: The Cross-Cultural, Historical Ties of Cat and Woman" | The Siren
"The Women Behind the Campus Monuments" | The Siren
"Moving Forward with the E.R.A." |The Siren


"Stories in Stone" | Ethos Magazine